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About Toy Polloi

Who is Toy Palloi


The No.1 Vintage Toy Restoration YouTube channel. 

If you love retro toys, you will love this channel!  A channel for vintage toy reviews, repair guides and restoration tips for vintage and modern toy lines including Star Wars, Transformers, Mego, Masters of the Universe, Micronauts, Six Million Dollar Man, Action Man, G.I.JO, lego and more.   

New toy restoration and repair videos are posted every Friday. So make sure and subscribe to be kept up to date. 

why would you be interested in him

Well basically if you are a vintage toy collector this guy has tutorials and techniques well worth knowing, replacement decals and shares his skills and tricks to bring those pre-loved gems back to the beautiful condition of yesteryear.


We are not affiliated and neither of us benefit from this post but you certainly will give him a look on you tube or visit his site at toypolloi.com or follow him on Face Book