ABN: 50732675144 Toys, Action Figures and Pop Culture Collectable Toy Store

ABN: 50732675144 Toys, Action Figures and Pop Culture Collectable Toy Store

ABN: 50732675144 Toys, Action Figures and Pop Culture Collectable Toy StoreABN: 50732675144 Toys, Action Figures and Pop Culture Collectable Toy StoreABN: 50732675144 Toys, Action Figures and Pop Culture Collectable Toy Store

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It is on its way and as we don't have a bricks and mortar shop front we decided to help out by being the first in the world to offer pre orders for the new lines being launched. these are in the case order section and come with free shipping

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We have listened to your complaints about scalpers and distribution, so we  opened a new portal just for you, your shop, is like the inside line to product you always wished you had, much  of our product is below wholesale and we pass these savings on to you. We do not care what items are being priced at on auction sites we source product at the best prices we can and pass those savings directly to you the collector, our mark up never exceeds 10 per cent on cost, so if you use the discount codes often you are getting them for what we paid or less, I hope not to many of you use the codes, just joking , enjoy

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Are you seeking an edge over the other collectors this free group gives you prior notice of new stock before it is released to the general public, gives you access to real time stock updates, allows you to receive coupons and vouchers as they become available, and of course puts you in the draw for our  giveaways.

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Will Disney Buy Mattel 24/8/19

Hi Guys Geoff here, if you didn't know in addition to being an avid figure collector i am also a mensa member and have an MBA in Business. Using these skills i have been monitoring the market and have come to some surprising deductions that will interest you as collectors.

Last year we saw Mattel Inc. in the USA undergo some drastic cost saving measures which included job losses and licence shedding of less profitable licences. This saw them net a cash wad of around $650 million USD.

So what you say, well here is the interesting bit. When contracts are due for renewal they are usually finalised around 6 months ahead of the expiry date and announcements are made to the market so shares may be traded and reflect the earnings potential of the sales and acquisitions of licences and their earning potential. Ok so this is fairly common practice and most of us know this.

Marvel and Star Wars Licences are due for renewal end of 2019, as I write there are 131 days left until the end of the year, that is 51 days past the usual announcement date and we still have nothing.

So you might think Mattel, HASBRO and Disney are in a three way licensing war, right. I Don't think so! I think seeing the writing on the wall the players at Mattel have made a bold move on behalf of shareholders and the company, they have made themselves a plump cherry to be place on top of the DIsney Sundae.

That's right Mattel has released any conflicting and underperforming licences, cut the fat in labour force, and put a handy little cash stash in the bank they have done nothing with except wave it in Disney's faces, like Donuts to Hommer Disney won't be able to resist for long!

The final pin in this game of Kal-Toh came when disney put profit ahead of franchise in the Sony/Disney Spiderman Debacle this week. they want the money and they are screaming for it, probably due to the poor decision make in the galaxy's edge park business model.

Disney are about to become a toy maker just like gepetto, and the easy in here is Mattel, They have developed face scan and print technology to rival HASBRO, they have the best performing action figure lines in WWE, WWE is a Disney and Family friendly line and a good mesh with the Mouse House, and Disney have all the Licences and IP to make this an outstanding marriage.

So you heard it here first guys. My prediction is that by years end we will have an announcement from Disney that they have acquired Mattel Inc, as part of the Disney family and will be producing in house Marvel and Star Wars lines, thus ending the 30 year partnership with HASBRO.

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 If we  can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. A dedicated store run by collectors to help other collectors find the holy grail, if we don't have it ask us to help you find it. We offer this free broker service to our community.



One of the main questions is "... are you for real the prices are so much cheaper than eBay, is this a dodgy site? ..." .

The answer is,  we are a collector run consortium and we are not profit driven, we add a small markup to cover running costs we do not draw a wage and use a funding pool to buy our stock. We direct import from the manufacturers  and pass these savings on to our customers, we are collectors relishing the thrill of the hunt and the early glimpses of new products coming to market

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